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    Welding & Fabrication

    At Stevenson Fabrication Services, we offer welding and custom metal fabrication services. We provide solutions for businesses and individuals. Through welding and metal fabrication by our highly trained, talented experts we exceed expectations. Let us know what you need help with, and we will weld it for you!

    Our Services
    • Welding & Fabrication

      At Stevenson Fabrication Services, we go by an important motto: “If it can be welded, then we can do it”. We like to take on ambitious projects here at SFS, and no project is too big or too small. Just say the word, and we’re happy to help. We weld all kinds of metals, including aluminum and cast iron. We do all kinds of custom jobs for our clients, in order to fit whatever welding needs they may have.

      Why would you need something welded to perfection at Stevenson Fabrication Services? Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.


      • Machine Guards
      • Corner Guards
      • Railings
      • Equipment Welding Repairs
      • and more


      • Repair Heavy Equipment Parts
      • Fabricate various metal brackets
      • Trailer Racks and Brackets
      • and more


      • Structural Steel
      • Lintels
      • Prefabricated rebar & rebar cages
      • Concrete imbeds
      • Trench covers
      • and more


      • Window Well Cover – link to section below
      • Egress Ladders – link to section below
      • Repair Treasured Keepsakes
      • Repair Metal Automotive Parts
      • and more
    • Training & Certification

      We administer Welder Qualification Programs for welders who wish to qualify themselves with the American Welding Society. This qualification helps welders advance their pay grade and skill set for life.

      We offer onsite training and testing so your employees can train and test on the machines they are comfortable with and use daily.

      Curious about our Welder Qualification Programs? Contact us at or (815) 468-7941!

    • CWI Weld Inspection & Consulting

      Did you know that process evaluation typically results in higher production and profitability? That’s why we offer onsite welding inspection and consulting services!

      These include welding inspections, welder testing, procedure writing services, and performance qualifications for companies, contractors, and individuals.

      A welding inspection will help you determine the quality of your weld and give you extra assurance and confidence in that department.

      Give us a call today at (815) 468-7941 to set up your inspection!

    Project Gallery

    View Our Fabrication Work.

    • Aluminum Gate

      Aluminum Gate

      Aluminum gate for dump trailer no longer available from manufacturer.

    • Stainless Steel Machine Guards

      Stainless Steel Machine Guards

    • Welding Repair & Fabricated Mounts

      Welding Repair & Fabricated Mounts

    • Repaired Steel Frame

      Repaired Steel Frame

      Completely rebuilt rear of trailer floor and door hinge tubes to save trailer from the scrap man.

    • Heavy Equipment Repair

      Heavy Equipment Repair

      Repaired thumb attachment point on excavator boom.

    • Aluminum Truck Rack

      Aluminum Truck Rack

    • Spool Payout Steel Rack

      Spool Payout Steel Rack

      Cable Spool Payout Steel Rack for Pipeline contractor.

    • Rebar Cages for Poles

      Rebar Cages for Poles

    • Restaurant New Ductwork

      Restaurant New Ductwork

      New Ductwork for Restaurants. Field measure, shop fab and install.

    • Aluminum Pontoon Repair

      Aluminum Pontoon Repair


    Superior Quality Window Well Covers

    Steel Window Well Covers

    Egress Window Well Covers Protect your window wells against animals, protect children and keep your window wells clean.

    Our window well covers are made with safety and security as top priorities. Installing one in your home will:

    • Keep children, pets and wildlife from falling in
    • Protect against leaves, paper, trash and more

    Power-coated and made of heavy duty durable steel, these covers are bound to have a long and durable lifespan. Their coatings effectively resist rust and maintain an attractive appearance for many years.

    Window Well Egress Ladders

    These ladders are necessary for new homes with larger fire escape window wells. Many ladders are too deep to use for escape from window wells, but our ladders are fit for any size window well. At Stevenson Fabrication Services, we craft these ladders with the utmost care and quality.
    • Exceeds BOCA and residential building code requirements
    • Inexpensive home safety
    • Arrives ready for installation
    • Easy to ship for each of three available sizes:
      • 3-step ladder Appx. wt. 7#
      • 4-step ladder Appx. wt. 9.5#
      • 5-step ladder Appx. wt. 12#
    • 1″ x 3/16″, mild steel construction, fully mig welded joints for long lasting high quality
    • Industrial coatings are available in grey with option for safety yellow or safety orange
    • Works with all sizes and shapes of egress window wells
    • Supports 250 pounds
    • Comes with 2 1/4″ holes to accommodate 3/16 tek-screw for installation in minutes
    • Lifetime guarantee for workmanship
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